The ultimate jump'n'run game


Some Details

System IBM-PC i386 or better
Editor Defcom Software, Recklinghausen, Germany

Murad M'Barki (game concept and product manager), Markus Muck (programming), Carten Muecke (sprite design and animation, game design, menus, logos, laout, story, intro), Robert Kopf (level backgroundgraphics, title screen), Andree Borrmann (programming of the level "wyld west"), Marko Lobel (3D construction, animation and rendering), Jost Ziegner (music, speech and sound FX, airplay studio), Daniel Kleine (handbook texts)

Size 235 MB
Memory Requirements 8 MB
Lines of code 100.075 (around 4MB of source code)
Compiler used WATCOM C++, WATCOM Assembler
Press Feedback PCP forever, cd-rom.de, thosewerethedays.de, softguide.de
DOWNLOAD Tailchaser.part1.rar (60MB)
Tailchaser.part2.rar (40MB)
  • Download "Tailchaser.part1.rar" and "Tailchaser.part2.rar"

  • Decompress both files with WINRAR

  • Create a CD with all files in the root directory (you cannot play the game from harddisc)

  • Start "SETUP.EXE" or "TAIL.EXE"

  • Start playing with the second level on Windows XP (there are compatibility issues with the first level) by using passwords mentioned below

Level passwords
  • Level 02: Power Plant: QSTRGVJQIEEDBAAAAI
  • Level 03: Haunted House: YCSJGVSQIEEDBAAAAI
  • Level 04: Fary Forest: UNWZGVEQSI2AIAAAAI
  • Level 05: Luring Lagoon: STVFGVUSCIMDIAAAAA
  • Level 06: Wyld West: 4URVJFBQEE2CJAAAAQ
  • Level 07: Capital City: 4URNGV2SEIUBIAAAAQ


Enter the passwords "ABRAKADABRAZIM" in order to activate the cheat mode. During the game you can use cheats with [STRG]+[ALT]+[LEF SHIFT]+[letter] with the following letters:

  • E : Full energy
  • + : More shooting power
  • - : Less shooting power
  • etc.

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