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Links for Paris Contains everything that's going in Paris (cinema, bars, concerts, theatre, ....) Trust me: Once you're in Paris, you have to see the opera; often it's possible to buy tickets some minutes before the show starts, especially from lundi to thursday Jazz clubs in Paris are fantastic ! I especially like the "Duc de Lombards" in the "rue de lombards", 2 minutes from the metro station "les halles". Very nice web address for finding a good restaurant in Paris The reference for restaurant guides in france

Generally interesting links Generates nice maps including street numbers Nice page for the TV program in france Web page of my highschool fellows (entry id: abi1992, password: abihabi) publications.html Publications of ENST Paris Publications and PhD theses of ENST Paris ready for download Fantastic encyclopedia on mathematics from Eric Weisstein matrix/intro.html matrix/index1.htmll

Nice reference on matrix algebra TV stations in the internet, including many broadband streaming stations DoubleDiploma/DD-people.html Double Diploma exchange program page between the University of Stuttgart, Germany and the ENST Paris, France

News from Germany

News from France

News from the United States Stock Quotes

Informatics links Find all Linux packages here The ultimate page for the DIVX codec and tools Might be useful... MATLAB database, University of Stuttgart Homepage of CYGWIN, the only true Linux under WINDOWS

Homepages of friends Merouane Debbah's homepage (Eurecom, France) Andreas Klimke's homepage (University of Stuttgart, France) Xavier Miet's homepage (Motorola Labs, Paris) Die Homepage des Stuttgarter Kuenstlers Klaus Heuser (mein Onkel !)

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